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This page aims to address the most frequently asked questions and concerns about our packaging.


Why did you ship me a box inside of a box?

Much of our packaging is certified under Amazon’s “Frustration Free Packaging” program. This program requires that we create a right-sized box for each of our products that is a minimum of 9″ x 6″ — which sometimes results in Amazon fulfillment centers putting our minimum sized box inside of their shipping box.


Wait, slow down. What is Frustration Free Packaging?

Frustration Free Packaging, or FFP, is an Amazon program that is intended to make opening packages easier for customers. Packages that are certified for FFP go through rigorous screening; they are required to be a certain size, are made from all recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, and take less than 120 seconds to open. The program is currently being re-evaluated by Amazon to better serve the customer as well as the environment, and feedback from customers like you helps. 


Why did you send me several products in different boxes?

To comply with FFP, we are required to send our products pre-packaged in our boxes to Amazon fulfillment centers. When you order several products from us, Amazon fulfillment centers may not consolidate all the products into one box. This happens after our products leave our facilities. We are actively working on ways to solve this problem, both internally and with Amazon.


Why do you say you’re environmentally friendly?

Our packaging is made with post-consumer materials, meaning they are both recycled and recyclable. We realize the size is sometimes unnecessarily large, which we are currently working with Amazon on avoiding. An example of a package we’re working on is flat packaging for flat products, which will reduce the shipping box size by 75%. In the meantime, we encourage our customers to repurpose our boxes, which they often do, ultimately reducing waste. Here are some of our favorite examples: 


So how do I avoid getting all this extra packaging?

While FFP is being re-evaluated, and as we continue to push for more sustainable solutions, you can avoid these issues by not ordering FFP at all. This can easily be done while shopping on Amazon by clicking “Standard Packaging” at checkout (see right).


Is there a downside to Standard Packaging?

Standard Packaging provides less protection when ordering some items. The packaging may not be recyclable, and as the name implies, may be a little more frustrating to open. 


If you have additional questions, feel free to reach our customer service team by emailing cs@netrush.com.

Thank you for understanding as we continue to improve our packaging, sustainability, and customer service.